About Us

Pernun Textile

The success of PERNUN is based on the importance it attaches to customer satisfaction, the originality and uniqueness of the products it offers. PERNUN reinforces its continuous quality understanding with pre-sales and after-sales service. PERNUN has a partnership-based approach with its marketing team and customers to respond to changing customer needs and market conditions as needed.

Quality Production

Pernun Textile has become the representative of quality and stability thanks to its expert, devoted employees and customer satisfaction policy. With the technologies it uses, research and development activities and successful sales and marketing strategies, it has increased its exports every year.


With our endless respect for nature and all living species, we aimed to leave a beautiful world to the next generations by shaping our production track and production methods with care.

Quality Control

We divide the processes from the beginning of production to delivery and apply special quality control tests prepared for each department.